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Headline News

Veridos and VFS Global announce strategic partnership 08 October 2015

Veridos and VFS Global Group, have signed an agreement on a strategic partnership today. 

Olivier Méaux joins Morpho 08 October 2015

Morpho appoints Olivier Méaux as executive vice president of its Digital Security and Authentication division. 


> SDW 2016: May 10 - 12, QEII, London

The world’s leading document security show focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti-counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more. The event will provide a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and new cutting-edge secure infrastructure in live situations.


Access-IS passport readers installed in Gatwick for insurance 08 October 2015

Access-IS MRTD readers have been deployed in insurance kiosks developed by Sentios Technology in in Gatwick Airport. 

EU ministers to discuss renewed 'smart borders' push 08 October 2015

EU interior ministers are set to meet in Luxembourg on Thursday to discuss progress in a US$1 billion plan to create a biometric border system in the continent that will scan visiting non-EU nationals. 

Versasec ‘triples’ government security business 07 October 2015

Smartcard management systems firm Versasec has announced that its government clientele and seat licenses tripled over the past year.

Arizona sets April deadline for Real ID 07 October 2015

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Department has said it will launch "REAL ID" compliant driving licences by next April, as a deadline looms on their implementation.

Iraq inviting bids for improved passport 07 October 2015

Iraq’s Ministry of Interior has announced plans to improve the Iraqi passport.

Japan launches ‘My Number’ national ID system 06 October 2015

Japan has launched a national identification system that will be used for taxation and social security payments, with a 12-digit number to be assigned to all citizens.

German BSI joins FIDO Alliance 06 October 2015

German Federal Office for Information Security joins FIDO Alliance under government membership programme.

Biometrics Institute unveils privacy guidelines 06 October 2015

Biometrics Institute releases new Biometrics Institute Privacy Guidelines.

Ireland launches selfie-enabled passport card 05 October 2015

Ireland has launched a passport card which holders can apply use to travel across Europe without needing their traditional passport.

HID Global reveals thinner ePassport datapages 05 October 2015

Secure identity solutions firm HID Global has launched new secure polycarbonate (PC) electronic datapages.

Charity takes aim at Minnesota over Real ID 05 October 2015

A non-profit organisation that works towards higher standards for US identity credentials has criticised Minnesota for not developing Real ID compliant driving licences.

Orlando International implements face recognition tech 02 October 2015

Orlando International Airport has upgraded its automated passport control (APC) kiosks to include facial recognition tech developed by SITA for arriving passengers. 

ETSI publishes standards supporting European eIDAS regulation 02 October 2015

ETSI publishes the first of a series of European Standards to support the European Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

STMicroelectronics joins Entrust Datacard's card validation program 01 October 2015

STMicroelectronics has entered into an agreement with Entrust Datacard to participate in its Card Validation Programme (CVP).

World Bank and Accenture publish identity management report 30 September 2015

World Bank and Accenture publish report to assist developing nations to create world-class identity management programmes.

Morpho announces digital trust developments 30 September 2015

Morpho says it has strengthened its offer for digital trust.

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Security Document World talked with TrustID CEO Tony Machin on governments asking laypersons to check secure documents.

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Security Document World caught up with ID.me CEO Blake Hall to discuss connect.gov and the intersection between government and digital identity.

Roman Vanek

Chief Division Identity Documents and Special Tasks – ICAO PKD Chairman, Federal Office of Police, Switzerland

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Promoting a citizen-focused strategy of strong multi-factor authentication, Virginia's new digital identity law represents a new direction in overall cybersecurity strategy. 

Identity in a hyper-connected, mobile world

As providers of essential online services to whole populations, governments must take the lead in providing highly secure economic and social interactions that suit our new digital identities. 

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SDW Conference and connect:ID News

SDW 2015 attracts record numbers for next-generation government and citizen ID event

SDW 2015 successfully brought together a record number of participants to its ninth international event focusing on next-generation government and citizen identity solutions.

SDW 2015: Day 3 - Live Blog

A wrap of all the action as it unfolded on the third day at SDW 2015.

SDW 2015: Day 2 - Live Blog

A wrap of all the action as it unfolded on the second day at SDW 2015.

SDW 2015: Day 1 - Live Blog

All the events on the ground as SDW 2015 launches…

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