Entrust inks new Finnish deal


Entrust has signed a deal with the Finnish Population Register Centre (VRK) to implement the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) infrastructure required by the EU for Extended Access Control (EAC)-enabled ePassports.
The agreement follows a 2008 deal in which VRK selected Entrust to deploy an advanced EAC ePassport solution.
“By taking advantage of the latest in ePassport technology, the Finnish government continues to strengthen border security and protect the identities and well being of its citizens,” says system integrator Erkki Wuoma at the Finnish Population Register Centre.
According to Entrust, SPOC is an important protocol developed by the EU and the former Brussels Interoperability Group (BIG). It serves as the standardized mechanism for certificate management between countries for support of EAC-enabled ePassports. Each participating nation establishes a SPOC interface that acts as a front-end for domestic EAC components. International EAC certificate requests and responses are communicated directly between SPOCs.
“The Finnish government continues to be a leader within the EU in the use of electronic machine-readable travel documents to bolster identity-based border security,” says Entrust president and CEO Bill Conner. “And while SPOC is a relatively new standard, Finland is helping to promote the adoption of the critical technology for the benefit of all EU member nations and their citizens.”
The Finnish Population Register Centre plans to have the SPOC up and running in production by the end of the year. During the implementation phase, testing with other EU countries will be also be carried out.
In October 2009, Entrust led an initiative to provide the security community with an online interoperability and demonstration site that enabled countries and other third parties to test their SPOC implementations. Entrust’s demonstration implemented the standardized certificate management protocol to be used across international borders, emulated a fully functional SPOC interface and enabled users to test their SPOC capabilities online.
The Entrust SPOC ePassport solution is a component of the Entrust Authority public key infrastructure (PKI) platform. Entrust provides a dual-rooted ePassport PKI certification authority (CA) to allow seamless migration from first-generation (BAC) deployments to second-generation (EAC) architectures.
The Finnish Population Register Centre is the national Certification Authority services provider, and creates the electronic identity for Finnish citizens when providing them with a personal identity code and the electronic ID. The Centre also provides eIDs for government employees, as well as for employees in other organizations. The Centre is the only CA in Finland that issues qualified certificates as specified in the Act on Electronic Signatures and the relevant EU Directive. The Population Register Centre is also the CA provider for the first generation of ePassports in Finland.


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