Aventura and BIO-key team for eHealth


Aventura has partnered with BIO-key International to provide a biometric authentication solution for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS).

According to the companies, accurately authenticating each Electronic Health Record (EHR) user at sign on is absolutely essential for protecting patient data and preventing system misuse. In a typical healthcare setting where many people may have potential access to the workstation, laptop or other device running the EHR application, every critical action and transaction should be properly authenticated. A top challenge for healthcare organisations is balancing security with convenience for busy physicians and other EHR users. Compounding that, advanced authentication is already required by the DEA for ePrescribing of controlled substances, and is expected to be required for remote network access to all personal health information this year under the Stage 3 EHR incentive program.

Through Aventura’s awareness computing technology, the clinical desktop is turned into a smart machine, which means that when a nurse or doctor touches a workstation in a hospital, it already knows who the user is, where they are located and the patient in care. By integrating BIO-key’s biometric authentication solution, health systems can now provide a seamless workflow for ePrescribing.

“Our company’s main mission is around optimising the point-of-care provider’s workflow in a fast, secure, and compliant way that in turn allows them to focus on the patient and not the computer,” says John Gobron, CEO of Aventura. “By partnering with BIO-key, we are now able to extend our awareness computing capabilities to deliver a fully compliant solution that meets federal (DEA) and state regulations, such as I-STOP in New York, for ePrescribing.”

“BIO-key’s one touch fingerprint authentication compliments the innovative workflow solutions Aventura delivers to their customers,” said Mike DePasquale, chairman and CEO, BIO-key. “Doctors and nurses genuinely value the ability to achieve fast and convenient two-factor authentication using their biometric.”


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Aventura and BIO-key team for eHealth
Aventura and BIO-key team for eHealth

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