SecuGen releases the UN20 Serial


Optical fingerprint device vendor SecuGen has announced the launch of the UN20 Serial.

The firm notes that the new device is an OEM fingerprint sensor that is FAP 20 certified by the FBI.

The UN20 Serial is a serial interface sensor with commands that allows the developer to capture fingerprint images, extract templates, and to enroll, search and match fingerprint templates, says SecuGen.

Secugen stated in a press release that the UN20 Serial is the first of the Unity BDP (Biometric Development Platform) line of fingerprint products to be released.

"The solution features SecuGen’s FAP 20 certified U20 sensor and a programmable Linux system and integrated into one compact package almost identical in size to the U20 itself. "

"The Unity BDP provides the tools and technologies that allow for the rapid and efficient development of a wide variety of embedded fingerprint solutions where high quality, rugged design, and affordability are key factors."

SecuGen will be releasing a series of additional UN20 OEM sensors and Unity finished products over the course of the coming months. Development partners may also use the Unity Biometric Development Platform to develop a potentially limitless variety of custom designed fingerprint sensors to suit the needs of their customers.

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for SecuGen stated, “We looked at the old model of a sensor and a separate board running the extraction and matching algorithms and felt it was hopelessly out of date. Our team has been able to unite all the parts of the OEM sensor and shrink them into one very small sensor. Embedding an open Linux development environment in the UN20 Serial makes this product unique in the industry. Combining all of this with an astonishingly low price is a major breakthrough.”

“The SecuGen engineering team has come up with a new approach to delivering world class OEM sensors,” commented VP of Engineering Dan Riley. “The UN20 Serial is the first product resulting from this approach. The Unity BDP upon which the UN20 Serial is based is not just a sensor, it is an entire development platform. The UN20 Serial is just the first product springing from the Unity platform. The uses for the Unity BDP are nearly limitless. It represents a giant leap forward in OEM fingerprint technology.”

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen, added, “For many years we have focused exclusively on delivering to our OEM partners the tools they need to compete successfully in this highly competitive industry. The UN20 Serial is the first of an amazing new product line, the Unity Biometric Development Platform (BDP). Unity BDP is the culmination of a decade of effort. We are very proud to be able to deliver the first product of this product line. More such products are coming and we believe that the industry will never be the same.”

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