ITW launches HoloPrint Laminate Patch for ID cards and Driving Licences


ITW Security Division says it has combined Covid holography with print to maximise ID card security.

According to the company, the new HoloPrint Laminate Patch for ID cards and Driving Licences combines Covid’s holographic features with Fasver’s patented printed features in a single design to prevent counterfeiting and aid in the authentication of genuine ID documents around the world. Available as a laminate patch it has been designed to work with a variety of plastic ID card substrates including PVC, PC, PET and composite cards that have been personalised with a D2T2 or retransfer card printer. HoloPrint provides excellent adhesion and durability protecting the personalised ID Card or Driving Licence against daily wear and tear and tampering.

Since its launch HoloPrint has been used in five different projects in the US, Asia and Africa. In one application it has been used for both the Resident Permit and Work Permit of an Asian country. ITW says: “The combination of holography and printed solutions had never been used on an ID Card in the country before and HoloPrint was chosen to increase the security through the use of holographics and a unique patented printed Level 1 security feature that enabled instant authentication.

“Similarly in the most recent US project, the Government office chose HoloPrint because of the new level of security it offered, combining high-end holography with unique printed features, differentiating their ID Card and making it easy to verify and difficult to copy or simulate.”

The company adds: “Photographs included on ID cards and documents using non-secure personalisation techniques, such as ink-jet or standard D2T2 printing, can often be a target for substitution and therefore anti-counterfeiting efforts often concentrate on tamper prevention and tamper evidence. This makes the image of the ID document holder a real focus for counterfeiters.

“By combining the unique patented printed features such as OVTek and Imaprotek with holography in a single design, ITW Security Division’s design department create custom originations that combine the background artwork into one cohesive design and all in excellent registration. This helps deliver a finished ID Card that is both attractive and original as well as being highly secure and easy to authenticate by law enforcement authorities. ITW Security Division’s HoloPrint Laminate Patches are also customised to the specific requirements of each ID Card printer or laminator within the project, ensuring perfect results in application and the final ID Card issuance.”

“ID Cards are a real target for fraudsters and our HoloPrint Patch Laminates are an increasingly important part in delivering a solution that protects the design and personal data both from wear & tear and tampering by fraudsters,” says Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s business unit manager. “The ability to combine highly sophisticated holographics and print in registration and as part of the overall card design is proving highly popular and helped us support and improve the security in ID card projects across the world.”

ITW will be exhibiting at SDW 2017 – 26-28 June 2017 in London, UK. SDW is a world-leading conference and exhibition event for those in the identity marketplace, focusing on intrinsic document security including the latest innovations in design, production and use.

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ITW launches HoloPrint Laminate Patch for ID cards and Driving Licences
ITW launches HoloPrint Laminate Patch for ID cards and Driving Licences

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