New German passport to boast enhanced security features


Germany’s Interior Ministry has released details of a new passport to be released on 1 March.

A statement by the ministry on 23 February noted that the new safety features included in the travel document will "secure the high international reputation of the German passport".

Speaking at presentation of the new passport, German Minister of the Interior, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, said: "In the world of travel, a high degree of security is indispensable, so I attach great importance to the new German passport's state-of-the-art materials and state-of-the-art security features.

“These will ensure reliable protection against counterfeiting or misuse of the German passport document, and provide more convenience when traveling through identity checks.“

The new German passport, to be launched on March 1, sees a flexible cover replace the hard cover.

The front and back of the passport also use different embossing techniques (gold embossing and blind embossing).

Meanwhile, the passport card consists of a high-quality polycarbonate compound, borrowing a security concept from the German identity card.

The title page of the polycarbonate card lists the document number and the name of the passport owner.

There is also a window integrated into the polycarbonate card and picture of the passport holder on the title page.

Meanwhile, a transparent area with a lens structure is integrated into the passport card. The lens structure contains personalized information as well as the picture of the passport holder on the title page.

Finally, the passport’s inside pages consist of a new, high-quality security paper with semitone watermarks and other safety features.

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