HID announces new chip partner


HID Global has announced Infineon Technologies as a new partner to supply chips for its ultra-thin Polycarbonate (PC) ePrelaminate inlay for eID cards.

According to HID, the inlays are more than 30% thinner than alternatives, so freeing up space for added security features. They use HID DBond technology, which is available for high frequency (HF) systems. The ultra-thin PC ePrelaminate was introduced by the firm in August 2015. 

HID Global says Infineon is the second firm to qualify as a partner to supply IC chips for this product.

“HID Global is committed to providing global smart card manufacturers with solutions to expand the range of products they can offer their customers,” says Rob Haslam, vice president of Government ID Solutions for HID Global. “We are also proud to add Infineon Technologies as a semiconductor provider to our portfolio of reliable, quality partners, assuring the highest quality inlay is available for secure, long-lasting smart cards for government ID applications and programmes.”

The thinner inlay also offers eID and smart card manufacturers more flexibility in card construction. The reduced dimensions of HID Global’s ultra-thin inlays – 200 microns instead of the typical 350 microns – enable manufacturers to add more security features on both sides of an e-ID card during construction, while still complying with international ISO thickness standards.

The security controller chip selected for use by HID Global is the Infineon Technologies SLE78CLX1600.

A special Megabump design (that fits with the SLE78CLX1600 chip) has been developed to allow the Infineon Technologies chip to be compatible with HID DBond technology, offering customers a solution that can be applied to many ID card applications.


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HID announces new chip partner

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