OPTAGLIO unveils research centre


Optical security firm OPTAGLIO has established a research centre focused on the forensic aspects of anti-counterfeit protection technologies for different types of documents.

The centre will operate as a separate unit closely connected to OPTAGLIO Labs.

The new unit, partly subsidised by EU funds, is equipped to simulate different types of attacks against documents, such as removal of protective elements. It will focus on anti-attack strategies and the development of new technologies. OPTAGLIO says: “New anti-counterfeit measures will be thoroughly tested to ensure their applicability in the real production environment – speed, batches, lamination temperature and pressures.”

“The new research centre will bring a unique combination of different physical approaches,” says Tomáš Karenský, senior research manager, OPTAGLIO. “We will also try to apply holograms on new substrates and open a lot of interesting new questions. Rather than just developing new products, our goal is to reach a thorough understanding of a phenomenon. This will enable us to build entirely new solutions.”

Microholograms – tiny particles with a holographic surface, invented by OPTAGLIO – will be a key part of the research. Sometimes called holographic dust, microholograms enable several levels of inspection, including forensic.


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OPTAGLIO unveils research centre
OPTAGLIO unveils research centre

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