Optaglio reveals '3D animation' visual effect


High-resolution security holograms company Optaglio announced the latest innovation developed by its.

Its holograms can now include a small object such a little figure, which moves, runs, makes a gesture etc.

In a statement, the company said this reflects the company's focus on features that are user attractive, easy to check and impossible or extremely difficult to imitate.

“It is not just about technology. It is also important that designers create a 3D picture that is so interesting that people will like watching it and that this picture will be based on technology features that cannot be imitated. Otherwise, it would happen than an element is produced through very advanced technology and counterfeiting with obsolete machines create something quite similar soon. In such cases technology simply doesn't work against counterfeiting,” says Tomas Karenský, senior research manager. 

“The combination of elements on a document is another issue. It is relatively easy to apply an almost unlimited number of features. However, it often results in chaos. Policemen are confused what elements should be checked as a priority. From our point of view, a limited number of strong protective elements makes more sense.”

The firm noted that its security elements are created with electron beam lithography with extremely high resolution, more than 2,5 million DPI. Diffraction structures that create specific visual effects are produced by e-beam lithography and mathematic algorithms that cannot be derived from a hologram.  


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