Optaglio enables clients to make security paper


High-resolution security holograms developer Optaglio has announced the market launch of the machines for the production of substances that include inspectional micro-particles.

Clients are thus enabled to manufacture security paper on their own for the production of documents, stamps, revenue labels, guaranty certificates, anti-counterfeit packaging, etc.

“In the current generation of technologies, document or packaging is usually made from an unprotected material. Anti-counterfeit protection elements are integrated as the next step. We believe that it is better to start with protection at the very beginning, making items from substances that are impossible to buy and extremely difficult to imitate. Experience of our clients confirm that this attitude results in a stronger protection without the need for implementing more sophisticated production process,“ says Dr. Tomas Karensky, senior research manager in OPTAGLIO. “However, using of protected substances can hardly become a general standard as long as these materials are produced just by a few manufacturers in the world. It is critical that many companies can create their own protected material.“

Optaglio has taken part in projects of holographic paper production for more than five years. The holographic paper contains nickel microholograms of size from 40 micrometers to half of millimeter. These tiny particles,"holographic dust“,  have holographic surface. Letters or pictures are engraved into each microhologram. OPTAGLIO has also helped to produce transparent foils with microholograms inside. Both have been used mostly for documents and securities. 

MM Security Substrate Hologram Applicator is a standalone module that can be connected to almost any production machine to implement microparticles during the right phase of substrate manufacturing process. Optaglio microholograms can be applied, but the client can also opt for less advanced cheaper microparticles from other vendors.

MM Security Substrate Hologram Applicator can be tailored to a particular paper mill machine. It is delivered including installment and support during the initial phase of production. “Adding microparticles causes neither delay no production complication. It is just important to register ready sheets and secure microparticles against stealing. The security level should correspond to assets protected,“ added Dr. Karensky.




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