Entrust Datacard adds face recognition to authentication platform


Entrust Datacard has announced that it is bringing facial recognition as an important layer to its authentication platform.

The company says facial recognition technology from Face Phi will be coupled with Mobile Smart Credential and Mobile Soft Token to provide security for clients in the enterprise, government and banking sectors.

“With the introduction of facial recognition, we continue to shape authentication to be as easy as possible for the user, which is in fact trying to eliminate friction while increasing security,” says Ryan Zlockie, global vice president of authentication at Entrust Datacard. “We’re committed to supporting a broad range of biometric alternatives coupled to our mobile and adaptive authentication. To help remove friction and increase security, we evaluate different capabilities on an on-going basis. Face recognition – when used as part of our overall adaptive capabilities – meets this goal.”

So far, Entrust Datacard’s Mobile Smart Credential and Mobile Soft Token have supported the use of passcodes or fingerprints. With the integration of facial recognition capabilities users will be able to access enterprise and cloud applications by looking at their device to authenticate and unlock their mobile identity.

Entrust Datacard says: “face recognition to date has been predominately used by consumer-focused use cases, and we now see applications across higher security enterprise use cases in addition to expansion for consumer use as well. The Entrust Datacard authentication platform unlocks value in an omni channel banking environment. Employees can access VPN networks or sign onto cloud applications using one simple method that eliminates the need for passwords or hardware tokens. Banking customers can use facial recognition to log into banking applications or even approve a high-risk transaction, such as a large money transfer. Even government employees can look at their mobile device to unlock PIV credentials and securely access workstations, networks and applications without the need for a smart card.”

Earlier this year, Entrust Datacard also launched IntelliTrust, its new adaptive authentication cloud service with Mobile Smart Credential technology.


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Entrust Datacard adds face recognition to authentication platform
Entrust Datacard adds face recognition to authentication platform

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