Eurosmart expects ‘strong’ growth in government smartcard market


Digital security industry alliance Eurosmart has projected a double-digit yearly increase for 2017 for the government and healthcare markets, accounting for 510 million secure elements to be shipped this year. 

Overall, the body expects 11% growth in government and healthcare, due particularly to regional demand and technological advances in travel and eGovernment.

“Even though the ePassport is considered as a mature segment in established markets, the continued adoption of eID projects in emerging regions, including Africa and Asia, will be one the main growth drivers", said Stefane Mouille, President of Eurosmart at Trustech 2017 in Cannes.

"The roll out of national eID cards integrating eTravel functionalities across several European countries, and an even wider range of online public services requiring digital identities management, have an impact on the market. The Digital Security Industry also reports sustained demand for technologies that enable secured borders while reducing waiting times and improving travel experience”, he added.

“In a nutshell, Eurosmart members, composed of all major European digital security companies, are significant and competitive players on the global scene. We are working on new areas and trends to extend our market coverage, such as the Mobile Passport, Mobile Driving License, and other forms of digital security for the Internet of Things. In this context, we strongly believe that setting up an EU cybersecurity certification framework is the right way forward in order to support the growth of our industry”, said Mouille.

The body said overall the secure element market continues to increase in volume to reach exceptional figures worldwide, passing in 2018 the threshold of 10 billion shipments.

“We forecast a steady growth for 2017 (+3.3%) and the market will keep growing in 2018. These results confirm that our industry remains an area for business growth in Europe and worldwide”.

“Our secure element technology is continuously evolving and thus embracing new form factors, markets and usages. Major device manufacturers rely on Eurosmart members’ technology to secure transactions and identification methods, such as biometrics storage and matching on secure element. Certification is also evolving and contributes to keep our technology not only convenient but secure for organizations and individuals alike”.

Eurosmart added that biometrics is being incorporated into our everyday lives and consumers embrace it as an attractive method of identification. 

"Users favour biometrics over PIN and password for commercial applications since it provides a seamless and secure experience. Eurosmart members have been leading this biometrics wave for the last 20 years in a wide range of applications such as payment and banking, identification, travel documents and border management or access management. Currently, we are at the forefront providing both biometric technologies and solutions designed to protect and ensure privacy of biometric data. Eurosmart has drawn on this expertise creating the Bi ometrics committee”, said Mouille.

“Overall, combining quick and easy access to transactions with robust security is of great importance for our industry”, continued Mouille.

Finally, Eurosmart noted that another growth driver is the sustained demand for secure elements designed to ensure the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures as per the NIS Directive in Europe and the US Cyber act in the US. Furthermore, consumer wearables with embedded secure elements are increasingly being used in sensitive applications such as contactless payments or connectivity.





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