BKC biometric border device integrates Elyctis solutions


Ukrainian border control tech firm BKC has introduced a new product, the K.BPT800 portable terminal, which incorporates biometric and other ID solutions.

BKC's new K.BPT800 terminal is able to read the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) from various types of documents thanks to the integration of the Elyctis OEM MRZ scanner. In addition, the MRZ scanner includes RFID reading capability allowing to read a passport or an ID card both optically and electronically in a single step without having to move the document.

With the integration of Elyctis ID BOX One – OEM series, the BKC new K.BPT800 terminal supports all passports and a wide variety of ID documents issued by numerous countries.

As the terminal is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, it allows to complete a biometric authentication by comparing securely the fingerprint with the one contained in a biometric passport chip. The K.BPT800 terminal supports GSM / GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication protocols in order to always be able to access remote servers to verify identities against black lists or any kind of identity databases. The K.BPT800 terminal also includes a GPS for additional security. BKC proposes a SDK (Software Development Kit) allowing systems integrators to build their own application fitting the requirements of various applications including border control, access to events, high end access control on secure premises, etc. 

BKC has decided to integrate Elyctis OEM RF MRZ scanner technology as it provides a high level of reliability in reading the MRZ and the RFID chip from ID documents in a compact format and with a reduced electrical consumption, as needed for a portable device. 

Alexander Gryanka, Director of the Border Control Systems Department at BKC, declares: “We have been working with Elyctis for years integrating their components in our readers. Elyctis is highly recognized for their expertise in reading ID documents and they are dedicated to making their product no only the most efficient on the market but also the easiest to integrate for hardware and software developers.”

Alexandre Joly, CEO Elyctis, adds: “The integration of our static MRZ scanners and RIFD readers in several generations of BKC terminals demonstrates their efficiency and flexibility, even in extremely demanding operating conditions.”

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