Gemalto launches enhanced features for ID documents


Gemalto has launched two new laser-personalised innovations designed to increase the security of official identity documents.

These advanced security features are available immediately as additional options in the Gemalto Color Laser Shield secure identity solutions range and are supported by major brands of personalisation equipment.

Gemalto says colour laser engraving is the most secure way to personalise documents. It adds: “In addition to colour portraits of exceptional sharpness secured by four colour lasers, the two new security features can now be applied to the polycarbonate documents such as national ID cards, passports, healthcare cards, driver’s licenses, voting and resident permit cards.”

Gemalto claims the new enhancements are designed to counter forgery while remaining easy for officials to verify their authenticity.

Gemalto Color Variable Microtext adds colour to personalised microtext, a strong level 2 security feature (visible with a magnifier). It combines colour and high resolution to engrave sharp characters and is difficult to forge and copy. Only authorised entities can access Color Laser Shield technology.

Gemalto Color Window is a transparent window inside the polycarbonate card which is colour laser-engraved with a portrait making it impossible to copy and enabling quick checking.  Any attempts by forgers to tamper with the document will be immediately visible. As a see-through element in colour, it is an ‘eye catcher’ that enables instant inspection of the entire layer structure.

“These two new features are part of our ongoing commitment to constant improvements in the security of our products. The Gemalto Color Laser Shield technology launched in 2014, also known as Color in PC, will see further innovations in the very near future,” says Youzec Kurp senior vice president ID Document Solutions, Government Business Unit, for Gemalto. “Our investments and expertise in this high technology domain allow us to be an innovation leader, providing superior security features for ID and passport design that are unique in the market. They offer the best tools against fraud and creative answers to the evolving demands of government authorities and high security printers.” 


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Gemalto launches enhanced features for ID documents
Gemalto launches enhanced features for ID documents

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