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This section reports on the latest developments - both technical and market-related - in the world of ePassports, visas and related standards and specifications…

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Kenya to introduce ePassport in September 17 August 2017

Kenya's government has confirmed that it will introduce electronic passport from September as part of efforts to improve security in the country.

ID firm to use cryptocurrency 16 August 2017

AuthenticID plans to offer a cryptocurrency token as part of a larger "Smart Identity" effort to more options to people and businesses who have requirements to authenticate the identity of a person, usually initially with a government ID.

Aruba Airport Authority and Vision-Box agree to extend 'Happy Flow' system 15 August 2017

Aruba Airport Authority, and identity solutions firm Vision-Box have agreed a new partnership for the further evolution of the Aruba Happy Flow biometric boarding system.

Ivory Coast introduces biometric residence cards 15 August 2017

Ivory Coast officials have said that foreign nationals can replace their current cards with new biometric cards versions.

First bank to trial Australia Post’s Digital ID 14 August 2017

CUA has announced that it will be the first bank to trial Australia Post’s Digital ID system.

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President launches Liberia’s ePassports 10 August 2017

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has officially launched the Liberian ePassport booklet,.

Kenya's biometric election hits henna snag 08 August 2017

Several women in Kenya had to wait a while to vote on Tuesday after a biometric kit failed to pick up their fingerprints because of the henna on their hands.

Ireland welcomes its first self-service airport gates 07 August 2017

The first automatic border control gates are to be installed at Dublin Airport, in an effort to increase security and speed up queues.

World Identity Network plans to link blockchain with identity 04 August 2017

A global identity initiative launched last week is planning to link identity with blockchain technology.

Spanish police break up forgery ring smuggling Iranians to UK 04 August 2017

The Spanish police have worked with the UK’s Metropolitan Police and Europol to dismantle an international criminal network using forged Spanish passports to smuggle Iranian nationals into the UK on commercial flights.

ITW Security reveals laminate solutions targeting lower volume document issuance 03 August 2017

ITW Security has underlined in a new statement that a proliferation in the number of passport formats has meant that there is a wider than ever need for effective solutions that work across a variety of passport booklets, setting a real challenge for Governments.

Optaglio reveals '3D animation' visual effect 03 August 2017

Czech Republic-based secure document hologram firm unveils innovative security feature.

Buffalo official takes aim at US-Canada biometric border plans 02 August 2017

Rep. Chris Collins says that plans to install biometric checks at Buffalo's border with Canada must exclude US and Canadian citizens.

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White paper: Slovakia prototypes mobile electronic identification (MeID) solution

Empowering e-government by shifting to smart cards is accelerating the arrival of a new era of mobile identity and electronic documents.

HID Global - Mobile ID solutions for government-to-citizen applications

Citizen ID documents such as national IDs and driver licenses will ultimately follow the trend toward mobility.

Putting the E in Estonia

This “startup nation” has built a streamlined digital infrastructure of cutting-edge public and private services from the ground up – and it is also a case study of how all countries could benefit from eGovernment

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